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Williams Aerial Purchases The First Lead’Air OCTOBLIQUE MIDAS in the USA!

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Taking advantage of Lead’Airs new lower pricing for their MIDAS line of products, Williams Aerial & Mapping, Inc. from South Bend, Indiana has purchased the first 9 camera OCTOBLIQUE in the United States. In addition to providing imagery to their own customers, Williams is offering to subcontract the system to other companies that want the 9 camera option for their projects.

Their OCTOBLIQUE is created with nine Nikon D810 cameras with a 50mm nadir lens and eight 85mm oblique lenses. Their system is fitted with an Applanix 510 IMU.

The OCTOBLIQUE MIDAS is recognized by many of the 3D image processing companies such as Skyline, Bentley, PIX 4D and others as the ultimate solution to create accurate and beautiful city, 3D models.

The OCTOBLIQUE MIDAS is the next generation of oblique imaging systems utilizing one vertical and 8 oblique cameras spaced at 45° around a complete 360° view. The addition of 4 more cameras makes it possible for imagery to fully cover all areas from every angle leaving virtually no angular blind spots uncovered.

With new advanced planning software created specifically for OCTOBLIQUE MIDAS, capabilities to create and preview all views separately or simultaneously assures the planner that the entire project is properly covered by the system. In addition, post flight image management software automatically provides a comprehensive list of only the images required to properly cover the project area minimizing the processing time of the data.

For more information on the system and to download a more comprehensive brochure of the OCTOBLIQUE MIDAS please visit our website at

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