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Send Flight Plan to Air Traffic Controllers

Communicating with air traffic controllers is essential to carrying out flight plans. SnapPLOT now provides a direct and seamless way to send your flight plan data over to them.

After selecting the desired flight plan, choosing the Default ATC layout gives you access to the following:

  • Quick conversion to PDF in either letter or A4 layouts
  • Send flight plan via Email, Fax, E-Fax and/or FTP
  • Configure ETA, Avg Speed & Turn Time that will be appended on the document

Just go to the toolbar and select tools. There are 4 new options which relate to ATC:
You have the ability to export your flight plan to PDF in either letter or A4 format, change the
information which will be displayed in the annotation ( click on Configure ATC Values), and finally send the file ( Configure\Send PDF File)

flight_plan_traffic 1