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The Snyp’Air system offers DSLR metric camera imagery with geotagged 4k video which can automatically or manually target power line ROW’s, poles and towers.

Installed on a helicopter and used in conjunction with a LiDAR laser scanner, this system gathers high quality data while adding user accessibility.

Compatibility with Meeker mounts designed for Bell 206, and Eurocopter 350/355 nose mounts makes the system versatile and quickly assembled on any helicopter with these standards.

Controlling the fully stabilized platform, the system can automatically follow a predetermined path or manually target the system using the joystick and real-time feedback from the video camera to the ATMOS Shogun-Flame image display and capture system.

The system can optionally maintain a manually targeted position based on IMU data as well as auto-correct for horizon changes.

The Black Magic 4K Micro Cinema Camera combined with a Panasonic Macro45mm f/2.8 lens provides a high quality recording of the powerline project. It can simultaneously be used to give feedback and visual guidance for manually targeting the system.

The Optional Red Hen System VMS-333 is interconnected to automatically Geotag the video recording with geographic coordinates during acquisition. These geotags can be accessed directly in Google Earth.

The Shogun-Flame displays a live feed from the Black Magic camera and simultaneously records the video directly to a high-speed SD card for easy retrieval at the end of the mission.

The Snyp’Air Computer Control Center provides an interface for the SteadyTrack Mount, an Applanix AP20 IMU, Joystick controller, camera and video controls as well as power junctions for all parts of the system. Ethernet and USB ports are provided for external connectivity to the Control Center. The system runs on 24 volts and has a cabled remote control for powering the unit on or off.

Typical installation in a Bell 206B helicopter showing the ATMOS Shogun-Flame display, Surf’Air FMS tablet and the Targeting Control system.