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ON-Track Drift Mount

Proper drift positioning is essential to the processing of vertically captured imagery for the positioning, rectification or ortho-rectification of data.

The ON-Track Drift Mount is essentially an electromechanical system intended for manual drift correction. The drift angle can be derived from streaming data from an IMU, digital compass or other heading input (GPS alone doesn’t provide heading unless you have a dual antenna system). If you have no other means of determining the drift, you should use the DriftCam that is provided with the system. The drift cam is a vertical camera and a screen showing the terrain. Simply manually rotate the mount until the terrain travels parallel to the edges of the screen to remove the drift and align the camera with the aircraft ground track.

The ON-Track Drift Mount provides an inparalleled option for small an medium format sensors.

The system can also be utilized without the X-Track software if you have other means of determining the drift or if you attach the DriftCam that is provided with the system.

The leveling screws allow the user to lower and level the mount so as to be as low as possible above the airplane hole. The scanner can take advantage of the full range of correction (+/-30) degrees of drift if the sensor can see the entire footprint without seeing the edges of the hole.

With a simple left/right switch to control the mount the sensor operator or pilot can easily align the marks in the display during flight to correct for the drift of the aircraft.

Attaching your camera is easy; a standard mounting plate for your camera is provided. Plates for Nikon, Canon, Phase One, Hasselblad, etc.. can be supplied as well as custom plates for other cameras you may want to employ.

ON-Track with Sensor
Above is a top view of the ON-Track Drift Mount with a Phase One Camera mounted.

The mount requires no calibration and can be installed over a standard hole with little effort. As a result, relocating the mount to other aircraft is straightforward.

ON-Track Drift Camera

The Drift Video Camera System is provided as a means of visually correcting for the drift of the aircraft as it crabs down the line. The Drift cam comes with a power cord that can be plugged into any 12-24 volt power source.

Why do you need YAW (Drift) Stabilization?




STX-120 Mount
SteadyTrack STX Sensor Mount