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Octoblique MIDAS

Lead’Air’s newest addition to our successful MIDAS line of products is also one of our most innovative concepts to date. The new OCTOBLIQUE MIDAS is an unprecedented advancement that will rapidly set new standards in the oblique aerial photo industry, capturing twice as many oblique images in the same time as the traditional standard 5 camera systems.

Complete Coverage with no Blind Spots
The OCTOBLIQUE MIDAS is the next generation of oblique imaging systems utilizing one vertical and 8 oblique cameras spaced at 45° around a complete 360° view. The addition of 4 more cameras makes it possible for imagery to fully cover all areas from every angle leaving no angular blind spots uncovered.

Capture 450MP per Second
The OCTOBLIQUE MIDAS captures a full 450 megapixels of data, at firing intervals of less than 1 second, creating a robust “aerial capture reality” never before realized in a single flight.

30% Savings in Flight Lines
The 9 view OCTOBLIQUE MIDAS is flown with less lateral overlap and less forward overlap while still capturing the project areas from every angle. This translates into as much as 30% savings in flight lines as compared with the traditional 5 camera oblique systems requiring 60% sidelap and as much as 80% forward overlap.

Sample views processed by Stellacore Solutions during the testing phase are available at:
And then the soon to be obsolete 5 look

New Stabilized Suspension System

The OCTOBLIQUE MIDAS is made possible because of a new, ground breaking fully stabilized camera suspension system. This innovative system allows the 9 cameras to move freely, hovering at a very short distance above the camera hole, without the need for a bulky old-fashioned circular mount.

Customized Metric Mapping Cameras

Instead of building the system with very costly medium format cameras, Lead’Air uses less expensive off the shelf, full frame, top of the line SLR bodies from Canon. These Lead’Air CamLens mounting systems are entirely rebuilt in our manufacturing facilities.

Powerful Computer Control Center

The OCTOBLIQUE MIDAS is controlled by the MIDAS Computer Control Center and can take advantage of the years of development creating the best known Oblique Imaging System in the world; the MIDAS.

The MIDAS Computer Control Center contains all the necessary controls for each camera, IMU, Navigation interface, stabilized mount and all power functionality for the system.

The most robust systems occasionally need maintenance. The modular unit allows for operator maintenance in the field with replacement modules overnighted when needed.

Automated Flight Planning

With a newly designed flight planning system, the operator is assured of complete coverage with a “stacked image” methodology. The system automatically creates flight plans and modifies the side and forward overlap to ensure the areas are completely photographed from all 8 angles as well as the vertical view.

The OCTOBLIQUE MIDAS 450 megapixel imagery results in 8 views from various stations that cover the Nadir view in the middle such as the examples shown below:

A 5 camera oblique system results in only 5 views such as the example shown below:

The OCTOBLIQUE MIDAS imagery (centered on a building) results in 8 views from various stations that cover the Nadir view in the middle, such as the examples shown below:

Operating a 5 camera oblique system results in ONLY 5 views such as the example shown below:

Technical Specifications (General)
Technical specifications MDC

Power requirements 24-28 Volts at 24-30 Amps
Size 19 x 13 x 15 inch (490 x 330 x 390 mm)
Navigation/camera control Integrated X-TRACK flight management system
GPS Integrated Garmin 18 or any external receiver
FMS interface Flat panel touch screen
Drift measurement Integrated vertical video with display
Cameras 9 Canon 5DS 50 MP (1 vertical + 8 tilted)
Sensor 14 bits
Images 9 x 50 Megapixel RAW, TIF, JPG images
Image quality control Integrated real time viewer with display
Image storage 10 Solid State SATA SSD Drives
Performance 1 second interval with Canon 5DS
Altitude Max 13,000 feet
Operation temperature 32-140 Fahrenheit (0-60 Celsius)
Shock/vibration Pneumatic shock absorbers
IMU Integrated Applanix POSAV 410

Technical specifications fully stabilized camera mount

Drift correction Motorized +/- 30 °
Pitch/roll leveling Motorized +/- 10 °
Camera angle Fixed (30 to 60 degree brackets available)
Shock/vibration Pneumatic shock absorbers

Technical specifications camera pod/fairing

US certification (each airplane must be individually certified) Cessna 172/182/206 (other aircraft possible)

Weight and balance

Midas computer system MDC w’ frame, POS, cables and disks ~128 lbs. ~ 58 kg
Midas Mount and extension cylinder ~ 75 lbs. ~ 34 kg
Midas array with cameras ~ 64 lbs. ~ 29 kg
Total ~ 267 lbs. ~121 kg
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