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Lead’Air’s key product, the MIDAS, for oblique image capture with DSLR/medium format imagery is the mainstay of our product line.

Building on our successful MIDAS line, the HELIDAS efficiently captures imagery from five Canon 5 DSR 50 MP cameras or Phase One IXU 1000 100 MP cameras from the nose of a helicopter.

  • Complete Coverage from Five Angles
  • Captures Images from 250 to 500 Megapixels per second
  • Multi-use design
  • Powerful Computer Control Center
  • Low Altitude Acquisition
  • Fully Adapted Metric Mapping Cameras
  • Meets STC Requirements for the Meeker Mounts
  • Customized for your particular equipment
  • Automated Backup Provided


Complete Coverage from Five Angles

Just like our MIDAS, the HELIDAS is designed to obtain four oblique and one vertical view. The vertical view can be configured with an SLR or a Phase One IXU 1000 camera for optimal vertical image quality. The system is ideal for capturing exceptional high-resolution imagery with complete confidence that all data is acquired. The images are verified with real time thumbnail views and captured directly to high-speed solid state hard drives during flight.

Incomparable Multi-use Design

HELIDAS with Puppet’Air Mount

HELIDAS with Meeker Bell 206 Helicopter Mount

The HELIDAS is unsurpassed in it’s ability to quickly transform from a helicopter to a fixed wing aircraft system. The exclusive camera array has been designed to detach from the helicopter mount and attached to an optional Puppet’Air mount. It is the most versatile oblique image capture system on the market to date.

Powerful Computer Control Center

The HELIDAS is controlled by a MIDAS Computer Control Center and takes advantage of the years of development creating the best known Oblique Imaging System in the world; the MIDAS. The MIDAS Computer Control Center contains all the necessary controls for each camera, IMU, Navigation interface, stabilized mount and all power functionality for the system. The most robust systems occasionally need maintenance. The modular unit allows for operator maintenance in the field with replacement modules overnighted, if needed.

Diagram 1


Diagram 2

Technical Specifications (General)
Technical specifications MDC

Power requirements 24-28 Volts at 24-30 Amps
Size 19.6 x 18.75 x 17.3 inch (W/H/D)
(498 x 476 x 440 mm)
Navigation/camera control Integrated X-TRACK flight mgmt. system
GPS Applanix AP40 or 50
FMS interface Flat panel touch screen
Drift measurement Automated from IMU data
Cameras 5 Canon 5DS 50 MP -1 vertical, 4 oblique
1 PhaseOne 100MP & 5 Canon 5DS 50MP
5 PhaseOne 100MP -1 vertical, 4 oblique
Sensor CMOS 14 or 16 bit
Canon Images 5 x 50 Megapixel RAW, TIF, JPG images
Image quality control Integrated real time viewer with display
Image storage 6 Solid State SATA SSD Drives
Performance 1 second interval with Canon 5DS R
Altitude Max 15,000 feet MSL
Operation temperature 32-140 Fahrenheit (0-60 Celsius)
Shock/vibration Rubber shock absorbers
Shock/vibration Integrated Applanix AP40 or 50

Technical specifications fully stabilized camera mount

Drift correction Motorized +/- 30 °
Pitch/roll leveling Motorized +/- 10 °
Camera angle Fixed: 30° to 60° brackets available

Weight and balance

MIDAS computer system w’ frame, POS, cables and disks ~106 lbs. ~ 48 kg
HELIDAS Mount (including cameras) ~ 82 lbs. ~ 37 kg
Total Helicopter mount ~ 188 lbs. ~85 kg


MIDAS computer system w’ frame, POS, cables and disks ~106 lbs. ~ 48 kg
HELIDAS Mount (including cameras) ~ 82 lbs. ~ 37 kg
Table Mount for fixed wing ~ 37 lbs. ~ 17 kg
Total Airplane mount ~ 225 lbs. ~102 kg


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