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How To Support Multiple Databases

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SnapSHOT Form Stability

Data acquisition is of extreme importance in the aerial survey industry. As you photograph the world, Track’Air wants to ensure that your data is organized and you don’t run into limitations on the amount of info you can store. This is why we have added the ability to change the database being used so that you may have more capacity and will be able to organize your project database by location.

Note: If you flight plans are big, we recommend splitting projects by region.

    1. Set the current data in the SnapBASE Main Menu in option 7) Database maintenance


    1. Select the Change Database tab


    1. Type in the Create a New Empty Database section at the bottom with a desired name.
      (e.g. NY_county1, NY_county2, etc.)


  1. Click add to create it and make that the current database. The database is no longer locked into being titled TRACKER.MDB


How to 'Fix GPS' Connectivity
SnapSHOT Form Stability