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How do I get remote support for my Track’Air product?

Tracker Installation Notes
What Happened To The Terraserver?

Track’Air can remote into most systems when they are connected to the internet.  This way we can see what the user sees and often come to a quicker resolution of any issue.  We can do this by remoting into an on-site laptop and then remoting from that computer to the Track’Air product.  To do so you will need the following:

  1. A laptop running Windows (with an Ethernet port and wireless capabilities)
  2. An Ethernet cable
  3. An internet connection

Connect the laptop to the internet wirelessly.
Connect the Ethernet port to the Track’Air system in need of support.
Once online go here:

  • In Google Chrome, you will be asked to keep or disregard the link in the bottom left corner, press the Keep button and the Press the exe linked in the same corner.
  • In Windows Explorer Click the Run Button at the bottom middle of screen.

Email ( or call your Track’Air support person and let them know you are ready.

Tracker Installation Notes
What Happened To The Terraserver?