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Yoke Mounted NEXtrack Pilot Display

The NEXtrack Pilot Display is a dedicated tablet computer running the snapSHOT FMS software and interfacing with the NEXtrack Console (operator computer) or the operator’s laptop.

The Pilot Display has a high resolution XGA daylight readable 6.5 inch touch screen. It can be attached to any standard mount, bracket or fitting or it can be installed with the Track’Air articulated arm or yoke mount. Similar to the NEXtrack Console, its computer is preloaded with Windows XP embedded; a version of Windows that cannot become corrupt as it is reloaded from the original image each time the computer is restarted. The mother board has been selected to be powerful enough to run all the new features of snapSHOT, including the display of large bitmaps and the management of digital elevation models during flight. The display can be controlled via its touch screen.

The NEXtrack Pilot Display does not require any action from the user once it is connected to the NEXtrack Console via an Ethernet cable. It updates itself and automatically starts the current snapSHOT software, loads the selected project and follows the lead of the Console. If the pilot decides to take the lead, the operator computer will automatically follow the Pilot Display. It can be graphically configured from its own interface or remotely configured from the Console. It is not affected by what the system operator is viewing or doing on his screen.