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Console Operator Display

The NEXtrack CONSOLE configuration is delivered as a dedicated operator console running the FMS software and interfacing with the camera/sensor system. A laptop is not required.

NexTrack System Operator Console

The operator “tablet” is available as an 8.5 inch or 10 inch touch screen. The NEXtrack CONSOLE can be attached to any standard mount, bracket or fitting or it can be installed with the Track’Air articulated arm.

The computer is preloaded with Windows XP embedded; a version of Windows that cannot become corrupt as it is reloaded from the original image each time the computer is restarted. The mother board has been selected powerful enough to run all the new features of snapSHOT, including the display of large bitmaps and the handling of digital elevation models during flight. The tablet can be either controlled via its touch screen or via mouse and keyboard.