Williams Aerial Purchases The First Lead’Air OCTOBLIQUE MIDAS in the USA!

Taking advantage of Lead’Airs new lower pricing for their MIDAS line of products, Williams Aerial & Mapping, Inc. from South Bend, Indiana has purchased the first 9 camera OCTOBLIQUE in the United States. In addition to providing imagery to their own customers, Williams is offering to subcontract the system to other companies that want the 9 camera option for their projects.

Their OCTOBLIQUE is created with nine Nikon D810 cameras with a 50mm nadir lens and eight 85mm oblique lenses. Their system is fitted with an Applanix 510 IMU.

The OCTOBLIQUE MIDAS is recognized by many of the 3D image processing companies such as Skyline, Bentley, PIX 4D and others as the ultimate solution to create accurate and beautiful city, 3D models.

The OCTOBLIQUE MIDAS is the next generation of oblique imaging systems utilizing one vertical and 8 oblique cameras spaced at 45° around a complete 360° view. The addition of 4 more cameras makes it possible for imagery to fully cover all areas from every angle leaving virtually no angular blind spots uncovered.

With new advanced planning software created specifically for OCTOBLIQUE MIDAS, capabilities to create and preview all views separately or simultaneously assures the planner that the entire project is properly covered by the system. In addition, post flight image management software automatically provides a comprehensive list of only the images required to properly cover the project area minimizing the processing time of the data.

For more information on the system and to download a more comprehensive brochure of the OCTOBLIQUE MIDAS please visit our website at http://trackair.com/index.php/octoblique-midas-3

To request a copy of a sample dataset, please send your name, Company Name, and shipping address to salesUSA@trackair.com

To contact Williams Aerial & Mapping email Rick Kosinski at rkosinski@w-a-m.com

NanoTrack Free 6 Week Trial

The mainstay of navigation for Airborne Imaging and LiDAR for over 20 years is now available for a free 6 week trial. All you pay is the shipping!

The most recognized names in Flight Management Systems are Track’Air’s NexTrack 2, NanoTrack and more recently the PicoTrack, SofTrack and the NanoTrack Plus.

We have decided to offer the NanoTrack FMS, our mid level system, to all of our potential customers for a trial period of 6 weeks. The NanoTrack offers the full range of Software as well as the ability to trigger or control a sensor and return a Mid Exposure Pulse. With the latest software and hardware in hand the ability to evaluate the exciting aspects of our FMS can be realized.

By starting with the NanoTrack you can easily learn the basics of the system in the air and the full Suite of X-Track software in the office.

Of course, we will provide a Garmin 18 Navigation Grade all in one GPS/Antenna, an MEP cable, a cable to connect your computer and a cable to connect your particular camera or sensor.

All you need to provide is a laptop computer and you are up and running.
Ready to give it a try? Just email salesUSA@trackair.com or call 407-343-7571 to get your system on the way.


Lead’Air announces a New 13 Camera DODECABLIQUE MIDAS System!

Following the successful introduction of the OCTOBLIQUE MIDAS 9 camera system last year, Lead’Air is announcing the final development of a new, unique DODECABLIQUE MIDAS with 12 oblique and 1 nadir cameras. This camera system was recently ordered by Dat’Air Inc, an aerial operator specializing in high attitude oblique photography.

Based on the Lead’Air, fully metric, custom camera assembly (CamLens) which uses completely reengineered Nikon D810 bodies and 300 mm lenses, the system is capable of collecting 480 megapixels per second. This camera system is specially designed for the high altitude survey of large cities intended for 3D modeling. The dense circular pattern formed by the 12 oblique cameras ensures ample redundant coverage in all directions leaving absolutely no dead corner or unseen angles between high buildings.

Capable of collecting imagery at 5 cm (2inches) from 7,500 feet or 8cm (3inches) from 10,500 feet, this camera allows the airplane to be flown slightly above Air Traffic Control zones and therefore operate without the need to obtain ATC clearances. The operational efficiency gain is considerable; a complete city can be flown seamlessly in a couple days instead of in stages during weeks or even months, waiting for ATC permissions to fly in the controlled airspace.

This camera system will be operated by Dat’Air Inc, a flying operator specializing in high altitude oblique image collection as well as first disaster response. Equipped with unique cameras specially designed by Lead’Air, Dat’Air, Inc is able to rapidly fly projects that others would spend months to complete.

Lead’Air/Track’Air Exhibiting at GEOINT 2016 in Orlando, FL!

        Kissimmee, FL – May 12, 2016 Lead’Air Inc., the world leader in manufacturing custom, professional Oblique Aerial Mapping Systems, is pleased to announce our participation at the United States Geospatial Intelligence Foundation’s GEOINT symposium at the Gaylord Palms Resort in Orlando, FL on May 15-18.
Located in Booth #329 Lead’Air will be exhibiting several of our latest technological advances including our Octoblique 9 camera system,  MIDAR-H combination LiDAR/three camera system for Helicopter acquisition and our new UTrack fully stabilized mount for single sensor capture for UAV or small fixed wing aircraft.
With the continually growing need for large area 3D imaging and infrastructure acquisition for Powerline, Pipeline and other transportation facilities Lead’Air routinely creates innovative software and hardware solutions tailored to the specific needs of our clients.

        The constant innovations of LiDAR and Image Processing solutions require advances in technology platforms as heretofore never realized. With the progress of small form LiDAR sensors such as the Riegl VUX 1 and continual advancements of small format (Nikon, Canon, etc.), medium format (Phase One, Hasselblad, etc.) and large format (Vexcel) cameras, the need for customization of mounting systems is ever changing. Our in-house design teams, constantly challenged to create new and unusual solutions are supported by our on-site manufacturing capabilities.
See all of our latest products at www.trackair.com Contact: InfoUSA@trackair.com

About Lead’Air, Inc.

        Founded some 20+ years ago in The Netherlands as Track’Air, BV and born out of a need for a US presence, Lead’Air was created to support sales for the North and South American continents. As the needs of our clientele grew so then did Lead’Air. Morphing from a 2 person sales team to a full manufacturing facility with dozens of hardware, software and electronic personnel within a few short years, our innovative ideas to create systems for the oblique industry was realized. Lead’Air has become the manufacturing hub for the design and development of all Track’Air TM and Lead’Air products including the development and manufacturing of MIDAS multi camera digital acquisition systems for 3D modeling and large and small format IMU stabilized mounts for many types of sensors. As a result of this close affiliation, Track’Air TM is now the trademark used for all of Lead‘Air’s software products.
There are over 1,250 Track’Air FM Systems in use in more than 40 countries with 15% operated in North America alone. Several OEM manufacturers including Applanix, Intergraph, Vexcel and others have developed outstanding products utilizing Track’Air TM systems as the mainstay of their sensor control development.


Lead’Air, Inc. announces a new 9 camera oblique system which could cause 5 camera oblique systems to become outdated.

Kissimmee, Florida, USA, Oct 2015

          Lead Air, Inc., the manufacturer of Track’Air aerial survey products, is unveiling a new 9 camera MIDAS system with 1 vertical camera and 8 oblique cameras covering a true 360 degrees. Instead of the classic 4 oblique camera arrangement facing forward, backward, left and right, the new OCTOBLIQUE MIDAS adds 4 additional oblique cameras which fill the gaps between the 4 original cameras, thus doubling the amount of oblique photos collected, without an increase in flying time. The OCTOBLIQUE’S 4 additional cameras deliver full coverage into the 4 corners which are not seen by customary 4 oblique camera configurations. With 8 cameras spaced at 45 degrees from each other instead of 4 cameras spaced at 90 degrees, the OCTOBLIQUE looks in all directions around the airplane and generates twice as many oblique views as any other system and leaves no angular blind spots uncovered.

The addition of 4 cameras was made possible by a new patented ground breaking fully stabilized camera suspension system. This innovative system allows the 8 cameras to move freely, soaring at a very short distance above the aircraft camera port, without the need for a bulky old-fashioned circular mount. Instead of using very costly medium format cameras, Lead’Air uses economical off the shelf, full frame, top of the line SLR bodies from Nikon and Canon. These cameras are entirely reengineered and rebuilt in our facility. They are reassembled using the best available lenses into true metric mapping cameras which are each delivered with an official calibration certificate. 

          JP Barriere, the President of Lead Air Inc, describes the new OCTOBLIQUE system as a disruptive technical advancement which will rapidly set new standards in the oblique aerial photo business. Instead of increasing, at high cost, the sensor size of the 4 oblique cameras, we have increased the overall capture extents of the entire system. This allows the OCTOBLIQUE system to be flown with less lateral overlap, therefore less photo lines and less operational costs. Where a 4 cameras oblique system, regardless of its sensor size, requires 60% or more lateral overlap to insure coverage between high buildings, 30% lateral overlap is enough for an 8 camera oblique system, which in turn brings a corresponding reduction of the operational costs.

          Joe Bima, the President of Stellacore Solutions, LLC who has been instrumental in the development and testing of the OCTOBLIQUE system, adds that with 5 viewing directions only, some features miss optimum coverage.
With 9 viewing directions not only is optimum coverage of such features achieved, but there is the benefit that all features result in a more robust information rich coverage/capture. The 9 viewing directions achieve a truer, more robust "aerial captured reality" of the world. While true that with the 9 viewing directions we can achieve a more robust high-fidelity solution, what we aim at, is an improved "captured reality" which can be achieved thanks to a capture system such as the OCTOBLIQUE which offers a truer, more robust representation of the world. The 9 viewing directions offer a more information rich capture of the world than 5 viewing directions at no additional flying cost which I believe is one very significant point. It is this greater information rich capture that the end market and applications can/will benefit from. There will be more information that more accurately represents the world to extract better data in virtual inspection applications, virtual reality applications, 3D modeling, etc.

          Greg Montgomery, director of DatAir Inc. flight missions, of Williams Aerial & Mapping, Inc, who conducted the airborne trials of the OCTOBLIQUE, concludes that a 9 Cam system not only offers a more robust "aerial captured reality" of the world at half the cost of others expensive 5 camera oblique systems, with no added flying, but the vastly improved coverage allows a significant reduction of our flying time. Thanks to the reduction on lateral overlap requirements, we can now save up to 30% of our flying costs. With oblique projects which can double or even triple the amount of photo lines compared to traditional vertical mapping project, the benefit of operating 9 camera oblique systems is essential for our aerial operation.

About Lead’Air, Inc.
Lead’Air Inc. was grounded in 2001 in Kissimmee Florida. In 2010, Lead’Air had completely taken over the design and manufacturing of the Track’Air systems which were originally produced in The Netherlands for twenty years.
Employing 40 experienced engineers and technicians, Lead’Air specializes in customized aerial survey systems for helicopters and airplanes. More than 50% of Lead’Air designs and products are custom-made for special survey applications. The rest of Lead’Air’s production includes the well-known Track’Air line of flight management systems which have been used worldwide by hundreds of survey organizations since 1994 and the very successful MIDAS oblique camera system of which over one hundred units have been sold since 2005. With the addition of the OCTOBLIQUE MIDAS system, Lead’Air once again demonstrates its energy and capacity for innovation, leading the market with state of the art products which often redefine the standards. Find out more at www.trackair.com

About Stellacore Solutions, LLC
Stellacore Solutions LLC, based in Aurora, Colorado, provides professional software products and consulting services addressing a variety of system technologies including aerial (vertical and oblique) with a focus on integration, calibration, and processing for optical, laser, inertial and positioning sensing systems. Stellacore Solutions LLC provides cross platform solutions scaled to 64bit multi-core/multi-socket systems for leading edge throughput capabilities. Find out more at www.stellacoresolutions.com

About Williams Aerial & Mapping, Inc.
Williams Aerial & Mapping, Inc. is a full service photogrammetric mapping and geospatial data firm with a long history of aerial film and digital data acquisition, as well as LiDAR and video collection. Its global operations include an array of cameras and scanners and a large fleet of aircraft with trained crews that are leased to customers around the world. Williams has completed a wide variety of projects for government agencies and private corporations. A team of certified photogrammetrists process data in-house. Find out more at www.w-a-m.com.

Lead’Air and Stellacore Solutions join forces

Lead’Air Inc. and Stellacore Solutions LLC join forces to improve the fidelity and efficiency of oblique aerial systems/processes


Kissimmee, Florida and Aurora, Colorado, USA – October 16, 2014:  Lead’Air Inc. (“Lead’Air”) and Stellacore Solutions LLC (“Stellacore”) announce a collaboration whereby these companies will jointly apply their complementary expertise in aerial oblique sensor technology (Lead’Air) and image processing production and calibration software systems (Stellacore) to improve the fidelity and efficiency of oblique aerial systems/processes.a

Since 2005, Lead’Air has delivered over one hundred MIDAS oblique sensor systems throughout the world to a variety of professional aerial mapping customers.  This market presence of MIDAS oblique sensor systems has allowed Lead’Air to set the standard for the aerial oblique sensor technology and has established the standard for high quality oblique imaging; with hundreds of millions of images taken, the MIDAS oblique sensor system has proven to be THE dependable system in this emerging market.

Since 2010, Stellacore has delivered highly integrated large scale processing software for multi-head precision kinematic aerial oblique camera systems (“PictoVeraOblique”) to the market.  PictoVeraOblique, is a high performance geometric product processor system which converts aerial imagery pixel data from simple pictures into valuable three-dimensional geospatial products.  The products from this system include precision registration of every image with all overlapping neighbors. This result has become the foundation for extracting high-fidelity three-dimensional (3D) information associated with man-made structures and their environments.

The “oblique aerial” segment of the market continues to evolve from aerial mapping to aerial surveying with ever increasing demands for higher precision, accuracy, resolution and efficiency.  Lead’Air and Stellacore have agreed to interlace their complimentary expertise to deliver efficient high fidelity integrated hardware/software oblique aerial surveying solutions to the market such that the market can achieve higher fidelity more profitably.


About Lead’Air, Inc.

Lead’Air Inc, based in Orlando Florida, has taken over the design and manufacturing of all the equipment which was produced by Track’Air BV in the Netherlands. Track’Air is now the trade mark used for all Lead ‘Air’s products. Lead’Air provides leading edge flight management and aerial camera systems.


About Stellacore Solutions, LLC

Stellacore Solutions LLC, based in Aurora, Colorado, provides professional software products and consulting services addressing a variety of system technologies including aerial (vertical and oblique) with a focus on integration, calibration, and processing for optical, laser, inertial and positioning sensing systems.  Stellacore Solutions LLC, provides cross platform solutions scaled to 64bit multi-core/multi-socket systems for leading edge throughput capabilities. Find out more at www.stellacoresolutions.com.


Track'Air Goes to InterGEO in Berlin

Lead’Air heads to Berlin, Germany for the InterGEO event on October 7th to October 9th 2014.

Lead’Air will be located at Booth A4.033

Click Here to see the map of our location in the event

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    Lead’Air Inc, based in Orlando Florida, has taken over the design and manufacturing of all the equipment which was produced by Track’Air BV in the Netherlands. TRACK’AIR is now the trade mark used for all Lead ‘Air’s products. Lead’Air will be exhibiting at booth A4.033, presenting their new range of Midas oblique camera systems, the RedBaron 80mp single camera mapping system derived from the Phaseone IXA180, the Nextrack2 flight management system using state of the art mobile flight guidance allowing aircrews to takes advantage of their favorite mobile devices to carry out survey missions.

2014 ASPRS Conference

LeadAir/TrackAir will be presenting at booth #209 at the ASPRS 2014 Annual Conference in Louisville, Kentucky from March 23th to March 28th.

The conference theme: Power in Our Pockets, refers to the technological power of pocket sized devices in our world today. The conference will focus on the various tools, applications, software and overall abilities of technology in the geospatial industry today.

Click here to view our booth location and overall ASPRS 2014 Layout.

To learn more, please read the ASPRS 2014 Program here