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3D Models

Since the inception of our Octoblique MIDAS, we have had keen interest from over a dozen different companies to process the data and create different avenues to unique products and services. For the benefit of helping to identify those businesses that have created a processing path for the nine cam system, we have decided to offer this page that provides links to their site and also their processed test data.
As more companies complete their processing, we will add their Names and Links to this page in the order in which they were received.

Skyline Software Systems, Inc.
TerraBuilder PhotoMesh

Skyline used it’s TerraBuilder PhotoMesh to fully automate and generate the 3D mesh models of Orlando shown in this video. Click Here to watch this breakthrough application combines unlimited scalability with superior precision to produce consistent and accurate 3D models.

TerraBuilder PhotoMesh

See for more information….

Bentley Systems, Inc

This 3D model was created by Bentley Systems, Inc. using their ContextCapture 3D photogrammetry solution which can automatically generate 3D meshes with level-of-detail (LOD), for efficient visualization and analysis of very large 3D models. These features explain why ContextCapture is becoming the standard solution for city-scale 3D mapping.

ContextCapture 3D

Idan Computers Ltd.
Makers of Oblivision

Read the Press Release.

Click here to view the Orlando Octoblique imagery in the Oblivision Online software.

Oblivision Software Demo

Makers of Pix4Dmapper

Click here for a 3D model of Downtown Orlando in Sketchfab

Pix4DMapper Demo

Lead’Air, Inc.
MIDAS Metro / Stellacore PictoVera Processing

MIDASMetro 17 look direction Wide-Field/Tele-View (WF/TV) systems equals higher fidelity 3D results – WF/TV systems offer stronger block geometry configurations than classic single sensor systems.